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Chez Max Epicérie

Chez Max Epicerie opened its doors in November 2009. In tune with the Chez Max ‘everything French’ philosophy, the epicerie serves homemade filled baguettes on freshly baked bread as well as superb lunchtime salads.


Our Epicerie also offers an extensive range of exclusively French products, which are otherwise not available here in Ireland. Choose from our range of baking goods, chocolates & sweets, sodas or why not try our gourmet cassoulet, foie gras and patés.

Biscuits : Kango, Barquette de LU, Prince, Petit ecolier, Petits coeurs, Pepito, Granola, Savane, Pim’s, Mikado, Tartelettes Bonne Maman, Cigarettes Russes, Spirits, Bastogne, Napolitain, Bounty, Mars, Balisto, Lion, Nuts, Snickers, Madeleines Bonne Maman et Saint Michel

Chocolate : Crunch, Poulain, Menier, Galak, Nestle, Chocolate pouder (Poulain, grand Arome)

Mustard and Mayonnaise : Moutarde a l’ancienne (Maille), Moutarde fine et forte (Amora), Moutarde a l’estragon, Savora, Mayonnaise de dijon (Amora), Mayonnaise Lesieur (en tube et en pot)

Cornichons Fins Maille et Cornichons Amora

Soft Drinks : Orangina, Coke, diet Coke, Oasis Orange, Oasis Tropical, Pulco Citron, Liptonic, Ice tea peche et mangue, Canada Dry, Cacolac

Condiments : Oil Olive Puget, Almond oil, Nuts oil, Balsamic vinegar (Maille), French dressing Lesieur, Kubor, Fleur de Sel, Capres

Tin Cans : Beans, Lentils, Ratatouille, Saucisses Lentilles, Ravioli, Choucroute, Tartiflettes, Blanquette de veau, Volailles de quenelles

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Café – Sandwish/Salads

We bake our pastries every morning for you to enjoy with our Café Ricard coffee – a blend, which employs the most technologically advanced, roasting techniques in a state of the art factory in Paris. Now you too can bring this passion of French Touch, French Taste, into your everyday life..

The epicerie serves homemade filled baguettes on freshly baked bread as well as superb lunchtime salads.
The following menu and prices are subject to change at anytime.

Expresso€ 1.80
Double Expresso€ 2.30
Noisette€ 1.80
Black/Americano (8oz)€ 2.00
Cappucino (8oz)€ 2.30
Latte (8oz) € 2.30
Mocha (8oz)€ 2.70
Tea/Herbal tea (8oz)€ 1.80
Chocolat Chaud€ 2.50
Baguette Traditionnelle€ 1.60
Demi-baguette€ 0.80
Croissant€ 1.50
Pain au Chocolat€ 1.50
Pain au Raisin€ 1.50
Apple Turnover€ 1.80
Torsade au chocolat€ 1.50
Apricot pastry€ 2.00
Mini pastry€ 0.80
Strawberry tart€ 3.50
Eclair au chocolat€ 2.50
Eclair au cafe€ 2.50
Le Lozérien
Roast-beef, Mustard, Mayo, Cheese, Caramelised onion
€ 4.90
Le Parisien
French Ham, Brie, Tomatoes, Salad, Dijon Mayonnaise
€ 4.30
Le Saucisson
Sliced Rosette de Lyon, Emmental, Butter
€ 4.30
Classic Français
French Ham, Emmental Cheese, Butter
€ 3.80
Salmon, creamy cheese, chives, salad
€ 5.10
Le Campagnard
Pork Rillettes, Salad, Mini gherkins
€ 4.30
Pesto, Rocket, tomatoes, feta cheese
€ 4.00
Le Thon Mayo
Tuna, sweetcorn, red onion, mayo salad
€ 4.90
Le Bayonnais
Bayonne Ham, Goat cheese, pesto, rocket, tomatoes
€ 4.80
Le Fermier
Chicken, tomatoes, Garlic mayo, lettuce, olives
€ 4.60
Le Montagnard
Raclette Cheese, rocket, bayonne ham, potatoes
€ 5.10
La Pont d'Avignon
Chicory, blue cheese, croutons, walnut, tomato. smoked chicken
€ 4.70
La Ham and Cheese Platter (served with half Baguette)
Salad, rillettes pork, saucisson, brie, comte, bayonne ham
€ 6.50
La Niçoise
Potatoes, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, boiled eggs, black olives, pesto, tuna, french dressing
€ 4.70
La Taboulé
Couscous, pepper, chicken, sultana, sweetcorn, tomatoes, cucumber, salad, mint
€ 4.60
La Parisienne
Lettuce, Emmental cheese, cherry tomato, ham, eggs and french dressing
€ 4.60
La Vegetarienne
Salad, Emmental Cheese, sweetcorn, cherry tomato, carrot, red onion, French dressing
€ € 4.20

Testimonials from Tripadvisor

What People are Saying

“A ‘Treat’ to Visit”

“Our Kids love the French Biscuit Selection”

Anne Laure, Dublin

“Great Coffee”

“my first stop on the way to work for years while I lived in Dublin”

Brendan, Galway

“Like going home”

“makes for special moments when I feel nostalgic”

Natalie, Dublin

“Lovely Staff”

“helped me find just the right basket for a French neighbour”

Carmel, Blackrock

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Hours of Operation

12pm – 3:30pm – Monday to Friday
12am – 4pm – Saturday and Sunday
Early bird
5:30pm – 7pm – Sunday to Thursday
5:30pm – 10pm – Sunday to Thursday
5:30pm – 11pm – Friday and Saturday

Contact Us

Palace Street

1 Palace Street
Tel: 01 633 7215
Reservation over the phone only.